Friday, August 17, 2012


Hey Everybody,

Here is the synopsis for STORY GIRL - which should be available online within the next couple of months...

Tracy Johnston is having a really bad reaction to her own life… and she has the hives to prove it.

Turning 30 was the final blow. 

She’s just not traditional like her mother, and she’ll never be perfect like her sister.  And the one thing she hoped would set her apart – her brave move to Hollywood – has turned out to be a monumental flop.

Despite the handful of English classes she’d taken at her local mid-western community college, churning out awe-inspiring screenplays isn’t quite as doable as she’d predicted…

So she makes due with a crummy apartment, a wobbly mattress, and no clue what it means to be a woman in the 21st century…

Until, a freeway accident delivers her a rather serendipitous twist – a chance, a portal…

A man with the same set of problems - well – not quite, considering his parents’ fantastic wealth.

But together they just might hold up the right mirror, offering each other a little insight into what true success might actually look (and feel) like.

Story Girl is a comical look at a young woman's attempt to “be somebody” and find love in the ensuing confusion. 

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